About Us - PeacockColorScheme.com

PeacockColorScheme.com is a website where you get plenty number of peacock color palettes and color scheme. We have large number of collection of different types of shades which is found in peacock feathers and body. Peacock is beautiful bird so colors are also beautiful. You use this colors combination in your home and office. We will continously provide you these type of colors.

Peacocks have different type of color like red, blue, yellow and white. Yes, white peacocks are also available on earth and they are so unique and beautiful. Peacocks are so loveable. When you first time see peacock in real life you never forgot this moment. 

So we decide to make a website on this Beautiful bird. Peacock body are awesome but legs are so dirty. This is nature, we cannot do anything in it. So you enjoy to see colorful peacock with many different type of colors and you also get their codes which are six.